"He went for a slash, sir!"
— Allan, What a Catch!
What a Catch!

Thomas Dibden


Thomas Dibden


Thomas Dibden


Thomas Dibden

Guest starring

David Seward as Allan's driver

Air date

January 30th, 2015

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What a Catch! is the first episode of the fifth series of The Dark Railway Series.

Plot Edit

After a fierce storm blows down the canopy at Axley station and smashes up half of the station, Mr. Dark decides to finally double track the section between Walschurch and Galen Junction, including a complete rebuild of Axley. The engines are excited for this news, since it means that they will no longer have to wait for any single line tokens. Brian, meanwhile, is placed on loan to the Bluebell Railway for the summer before being overhauled there, annoying Dave.

Allan is placed in charge of helping the workmen double track the line. One day, he notices a newly installed set of points that his driver calls "catch points", and his driver explains that they prevent collisions if a train passes a red signal. Allan spends a lot of time during construction waiting around with the trucks of supplies, and this often results in taunts from engines like 257 Squadron. One day, Allan is once again waiting when his driver leaves him to go to the loo. As he waits, Allan suddenly finds himself moving and unable to stop, and to make matters worse, Dave is approaching in the opposite direction. Dave stops before the points, but Allan is diverted onto the catch points, derailing him and sending him into a mound of earth.

When his driver returns, he and Allan argue over who was to blame and continue to do so until Cammer and Mr. Dark arrives with a crane. Telling Mr. Dark what happened, Mr. Dark takes Allan's driver aside for a chat and sacks him for negligence and abandoning his work station. Allan is quickly but back on the rails and returns to work with a new, more competent driver, and a newfound respect for the catch points.

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Trivia Edit

  • This episode marks the last appearance of Axley station in its original layout.
  • This episode marks Brian's only appearance on screen in the fifth series.

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