• Number: 42977, previously 2977 and 13277
  • Class: LMS Class 5MT
  • Designer: William Stanier
  • Build date: 1934
  • Configuration: 2-6-0
  • Voice Actor: David Rowley

Vincent is a small mixed traffic engine who works on the Settle and Carlisle Railway.


Vincent was built in 1934 at Crewe Works. Not much is known about his past, but he was allocated to the Settle and Carlisle Railway at some point, and was often thrashed to within an inch of his life by his manager, Mr. Mckenzie.

In 1953, Vincent encountered five engines while pulling a goods train. He was very surprised by the presence of one of them, Raymond, as he had never seen a diesel before, and laughed at him, thinking he was mad, when he said he was built in 1958. Unbeknownst to Vincent, these engines had been transported back in time from 1963 following an incident with a teleporter and time machine. Later on, he provided them with some fusible plugs on the orders of Mr. Mckenzie. Shortly afterwards, he helped to rescue Otto and Hunter from the clutches of Victor and Ludo and it was here that he learned that the newcomers really were from the future. 

It is unknown what happened to Vincent after this, though it is possible that he was withdrawn and scrapped as a result of the Modernisation Plan.


Vincent is rather skeptical, but is still a hard worker in spite of being overworked.


Vincent is painted in British Railways lined black with the late crest. It can be presumed that he wore LMS black in the years prior to the grouping.


Vincent is based on a London, Midland and Scottish Railway Class 5MT 2-6-0, which are sometimes nicknamed "Stanier Crabs" owing to the fact that they were extensively modified versions of the Crabs.


The Dark Railway SeriesEdit



  • Vincent was one of the characters in Event Horizon whose voice actor was chosen through public auditions.
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