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October 24th, 2013

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Trucks is the eighth episode of the fourth series of The Dark Railway Series.

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Theo, Otto, 257 Squadron, and Sir Eustace all return to the Dark Railway. Although 257 has learned his lesson and is forgiven, Eustace remains in disgrace, and has had his nameplates removed. Moping about it to Allan, the diesel shunter points out that things could be worse, and that he should get on without his nameplates. Surprised by Allan's maturity, Eustace wonders if he could pull a goods train and goes to collect his trucks. The trucks are not pleased to see him, and seek payback for the mail coaches. They begin forming a plan as Eustace steams away.

When Eustace arrives at Walschurch, he is told by the stationmaster that Brian is away, so he won't have a banker on the hill. He attempts to climb the hill alone, but as he reaches Upway, the trucks hold back, bringing Eustace to a stop. Determined to not let the trucks beat it, Eustace returns to Upway station and has the rails sanded before trying again. This time, Eustace uses all his strength, and despite the trucks' best efforts, they are unable to stop him this time. Eustace makes it over the hill and runs down to the Industrial Estate, surprising Colin and Eddie. He admits that he enjoyed taking trucks, finding it a nice change and he eagerly asks for his next train. Over time, the trucks learn not to mess with him on journeys as he continues to pull goods trains.

After several weeks, Mr. Dark decides that Eustace has earned back his nameplates and his trust. Eustace promises to behave, and is soon allowed to pull coaches again, but he continues to pull the heaviest goods trains when required, which he doesn't mind anymore.

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  • This episode appears to be partially inspired by the Railway Series story Troublesome Trucks.

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