Theodore Dark
  • Born: 20th April 1854
  • Died: 15th March 1938 (age 84)
  • Occupation: Owner/Manager of the Dark Railway (1895-1938)
  • Address: Dark Manor, Axley, Kent

Lord Theodore Raymond Dark, better known as Lord Dark, was the founder and former manager of the Dark Railway.

Bio Edit

Childhood and Teenage Years Edit

Theodore Raymond Dark was born on 20th April 1854 in Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent. His family moved to Axley (on land owned by the Dark Family) in 1860, when Theodore was six years old. He was educated at Dover school, which he eventually left with higher than average qualifications.

At the age of 19, he was given the official title "Lord", thus becoming "Lord Theodore Raymond Dark".

Because of his family's fame and wealth, Theodore didn't need to work, however, he took up jobs in the village, and the nearby community of Walschurch, to beat boredom. During his line of work in the latter village, he met Patricia Streggalarde, whom he began dating. He later married her at Walschurch Cathedral in 1879.

Creation of the Dark Railway Edit

In 1890, Lord Dark suggested that a railway be constructed between the then new quarry at Soma and the village of Axley. His idea was well liked, and, because he had inherited the local land from his parents, he quickly began planning the railway. The line eventually extended to form a running line from the SER line at Galen Junction, to the large and remote city of Merecombe, via Walschurch.

Death Edit

Lord Dark had a major heart attack in March 1938 while waiting on the platform at Walschurch. He was rushed to Royal Merecombe Hospital, but he sadly passed away the next evening with his son by his side.

After his death, his son took over operations on the Dark Railway. His brother, Lord Mark Dark, is his only other surviving relative.

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Trivia Edit

  • Theo is named after him.
  • Lord Dark's death is based on the death of railway photographer Eric Treacy, who passed away after suffering a heart attack at Appleby station on the Settle and Carlisle Railway whilst waiting for a railtour on May 13th 1978.
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