The Works Diesel
  • Number: 31001, previously D5501
  • Class: BR Class 31, originally BR Class 30
  • Designer: Brush Traction
  • Build date: 1957
  • Configuration: A1A-A1A
  • Voice Actor: Nick Gagliardi

The Works Diesel is a diesel engine who once assisted Dave to the Works.

Bio Edit

The Works Diesel was built in 1957 at Falcon Works. He was rebuilt at some point, reclassifiying him as a Class 31. In 1964, he was tasked with taking Dave to Gorton Hill Works after he melted his fusible plugs on New Years Eve. He tried to get Dave to sign a form, though Dave pointed out he could not without hands, and the diesel dropped the matter, taking him away.

Persona Edit

The Works Diesel is described as looking irritable, and speaks in a rather bored voice.

Livery Edit

The Works Diesel is painted in British Railways blue livery with full yellow warning panels. Beforehand, it is likely that he wore BR green with white stripes.

Basis Edit

The Works Diesel is based on a British Railways Class 31 A1A-A1A, which had the nickname "Goyle" in service. These originally started life as Class 30s, but were rebuilt later on to become Class 31s.

Appearances Edit

The Dark Railway Series Edit


Trivia Edit

  • The Works Diesel is seen in BR blue as 31001 in Like a Sir, which is set in 1964, even though the real 31001 was not reclassified until 1969 or renumbered until 1973.