The Shunter's Gamble

Thomas Dibden


Thomas Dibden


Thomas Dibden


Thomas Dibden

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June 12th, 2011

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The Shunter's Gamble is the third episode of the first series of The Dark Railway Series.

Plot Edit

One day, Mr. Dark, the railway's manager, informs the engines that he will be away from the line for a week, and that he will be leaving an engine in charge of helping a temporary manager until he returns. He has not yet decided on which engine to leave in charge, but tells them he will inform them later that day.

As the engines head out to work, Owen asks Ryan why they can't pull trains, and Ryan explains that they weren't built for such a task. He feels unhappy about this, but Ryan assures him that he is a good shunter. As Owen arranges some coaches for Raymond's express, he wishes he could pull trains too. He waits for a while, but Raymond does not show up. Mr. Dark informs the passengers that Raymond has failed at Soma, and Owen quickly volunteers to pull the train with Ryan's help. With no other available engines, Mr. Dark agrees.

The journey goes well at first, but Owen's bearings soon start to overheat. They slow down to stop them overheating entirely, and soon reach Galen Junction, where another engine takes over the train. The shunters find Sir Eustace waiting in the sheds, who informs them that they are 45 minutes late. They feel miserable, but Eustace suddenly congratulates them on getting the train there regardless, surprising them.

That evening, Mr. Dark announces that he has decided to put Owen and Ryan in charge for the week thanks to their actions that day. Eustace feels disappointed, but doesn't say anything about it. Later that night, Mr. Dark thanks Eustace for this, and quietly asks him if he is still considering the offer given to him, to which Eustace agrees.

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  • This episode marks the first appearance of Mr. Dark.
  • The end of the episode sets up the events of Sir Eustace's Secret.


  • When Eustace leaves the sheds after Owen and Ryan arrive at the Junction, he leaves on the same road Ryan is standing in, therefore, it would have been impossible for Eustace to leave unless Ryan moved out of his way.


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