The Purple Man

Thomas Dibden


Thomas Dibden


Thomas Dibden


Thomas Dibden

Guest starring

Oliver Pocock as the Purple Man

Air date

July 22nd, 2016

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The Purple Man is the eighth episode of the sixth series of The Dark Railway Series.

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Repulse is finding herself lashing out at the other engines more and more, though Hannah brushes it off as just stress from being cooped up for so long. Elsewhere, Repulse finds herself continuously spotting a man in a purple suit watching her wherever she goes. Although she assumes he is just a rail enthusiast, the increasing frequency of his sightings, coupled with the fact that noone else has seen such a man, leads Repulse to believe he is stalking her. To prove this, Repulse and Hannah double head a train to the Junction, and they spot the man near Walschurch Viaduct. Repulse swears the man looks familiar, but she is unsure as to how she knows him. She tries asking the man who he is the next time she sees him, but gets no response.

From that moment on, the sightings of the Purple Man become even more frequent. Repulse begins to become even more paranoid and angry, but after Hannah agrees to speak to Mr. Dark about it, the sightings suddenly stop. Repulse believes the man has got what he wanted and left, until one night when she is on her own at the Junction. The Purple Man suddenly arrives at the sheds and, ignoring Repulse's questions, begins examining her. Once he is finished, the man finally reveals why he has been following her. He explains that he was a member of the preservation group which purchased Leanne back in 1964 and was the sole survivor of her neurotoxin attack. He spent the next few years recovering, while vowing to track down Leanne and destroy her. Since the Dark Railway was Leanne's last known location, he came believing that Repulse was Leanne, believing that the real Repulse died in the Gasworks tunnel collapse. He admits that he was wrong and also admits to Repulse that he didn't want to speak to her until he could be sure of her identity.

The Purple Man walks away, satisfied that Leanne's reign of terror is over, only to turn around and find Repulse charging out of the shed towards him, cackling madly as she advances...

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  • The events of Revenge of the Forgotten and Time Waits for No One, Part 2 are referenced.
  • This is the first episode of the series since the introduction of the credits to use an entirely different ending theme tune as opposed to the credits simply rolling in silence.

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