• Class: SR 4SUB
  • Designer: Oliver Bulleid
  • Voice Actor: Andy Stovold

The EMU (nicknamed "Andy" during production) is an electric multiple unit that boasted about his superiority to Dave whilst the latter was on a railtour in 1967.

Bio Edit

The EMU was seen waiting at Brockenhurst Railway Station in January 1967, when Dave rolled in with a railtour to promote the Dark Railway. Dave, not knowing exactly where he was, asked the EMU where he was, but the electric gave Dave a load of abuse about how electric units are reliable and that steam spoiled his image. Dave didn't have time to argue, and had to leave, not finding out where he was in the process.

Persona Edit

The EMU was nasty and very highly opinionated, and disliked steam engines. 

Livery Edit

The EMU was painted British Railways green.

Basis Edit

The EMU was based on a Southern Railway 4SUB unit, designed by Oliver Bulleid.

Appearances Edit

The Dark Railway Series Edit


Trivia Edit

  • The EMU was never named in the episode, but Dark nicknamed the character after his voice actor, Andy Stovold.
  • It is unknown why a 4SUB unit would have been working the Lymington Branchline (as implied), for these units were often used on outer suburban services in and around the capital. Perhaps it was gauge testing, or nearing life expiry.
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