The Dark Railway Series is an online series created by Thomas H.J. Dibden, also known as Dark DJ. The series is made under his production company, Dark DJ Productions.

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The Dark Railway Series revolves around a fleet of locomotives which are based on the Dark Railway, a privately owned railway in Kent. Beginning in 1960, the series follows their misadventures through the decline of steam on the Southern Region of British Railways and onwards. The series primarily focuses on the locomotive fleet of the railway, and the various (mis)advetures that they have!

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These are specials and special episodes that have been released for the series:

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These are the feature length film productions created for the series:

Dark DJ has said that he has plans for a second feature length film, though it is unknown when or if this will officially enter production.

Theme Tune Edit

The main theme tune for the series was created by Dark DJ himself, titled "9". The music has been used as the main theme since the series' inception, but has been remixed a couple of times from Season 8 onwards.

Trivia Edit

  • Currently, 2014 is the only year not to have a new series premiere.
  • Between the first and fourth series, all music in the series was created by Dark DJ himself. However, since The Aspergers Flyer, more royalty free music has been used in the series.
  • The first two episodes of series 2 were filmed in the then new TSX mode of Train Simulator 2012. However, this had a negative effect on the game's framerates, and the graphics settings were reset. With the purchase of "The Black Knight", and from Season 8 onwards, the simulator's TSX Dynamic Lighting Graphics have been reinstated, and is now being used permeanantly.
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