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June 21st, 2015

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Signal Lost is the third episode of the fifth series of The Dark Railway Series.

Plot Edit

Abomination is enjoying his job, but is getting jelous of the big engines, who get to pull trains. One day, he has an argumnt about it with Cammer, whom he is trying to convince that he can pull a train. Cammer gets irritated, and bounces off, telling Abomination that he can pull his train that afternoon, to get him off his back.

Abomination has finished shunting Cammer's train, but he doesn't arrive. After a while, his driver, the signalman and the foreman agree that Abomination should take the train. He is very excited about this, and apologises to the trucks if he were to bump them. They agree to behave as Abomination heads off.

However, when he gets to Manston Fore Junction, he is held up at a signal, waiting for other trains to clear the line. He gets impatient, and is eventually cleared to proceed. However, his victory is short lived, as the signal at Manston Fore station is also at Danger. He becomes irritated, especially when he descends Upway Bank and discovers that yet another signal, at Upway, is at Danger. Turbo rolls through, commenting that these things happen for a reason.

At Walschurch, he is stopped again, despite the clear signal aspect, due to the fact he has to drop off and pick up wagons. The tank engine enjoys this part of the journey, due to his enjoyment of shunting, and gladly shunts his train back together before heading to the Junction.

Arriving, he is informed by Allan that Cammer was delayed at the diesel pumps, hence why he was late to collect his train, and Cammer worried, due to his train being gone. However, Allan thanks Abomination for taking the train, as it means Allan doesnt have to listen to the rude mainline diesel for much longer. Abomination heads home.

Back at Merecombe, Cammer rants at Abomination, who breaks down and cries, as he now understands what Cammer was trying to say to him that morning. Cammer apologises for what he said, and Abomination decides that he'd rather shunt than pull trains in future.

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Trivia Edit

  • The episode is named after the song "Signal Lost" by Polish artist Bartek Urban.
  • This is the first time that Abomination is referred to by his nickname, "Ab".

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