Series 9

Thomas Dibden


Thomas Dibden


Thomas Dibden
Anthony Sims
Reilly Cornwall
Callum Hancock
Christian Rasmussen
Andy Stovold
Gwion Rhys Davies
Oliver Pocock

Music by

Thomas Dibden
YouTube Music Library

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Series 8

Series 9 of The Dark Railway Series began airing in 2019.


  1. 9 - Dave awakens after a long overhaul.
  2. Goose - The DRPS new engine arrives and causes problems.
  3. Rock 'n Roll - Disaster strikes during a snow storm.
  4. Rock Shock - The Dark Railway is taken off guard by a new problem.


Characters introducedEdit

  • Goose
  • The Museum Engines (cameo)

Voice ActorsEdit


  • Anthony Sims as Barry and Buzz
  • Reilly Cornwall as Goose
  • Christian Rasmussen as Mr. B and a Contractor
  • Callum Hancock as Clyde, Warrior and Clarence
  • Andy Stovold as Andy
  • Gwion Rhys Davies as Mr. Chairman


  • Oliver Pocock as a Contractor


  • This is the first season to be filmed utilising the new RailWorks Enhancer addon, improving the lighting conditions for the series.
  • Unlike the previous seasons, the end credits of each episode feature a different piece of music rather than consistently using "9" by Dark DJ.
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