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Thomas Dibden


Thomas Dibden


Thomas Dibden
Anthony Sims
Stuart Steel
Gwion Rhys Davies
David Seward
Freddie Veiga-Pires
Glenn Streeter
Callum Hancock

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Thomas Dibden
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Series 7 of The Dark Railway Series began airing in 2017. The series had ten episodes.


  1. Futura - Mr Dark has a series of plans for the railway's future.
  2. Smashing! - The new arrivals settle in on the railway.
  3. Braking Bad - Caracus' first day doesn't go quite to plan.
  4. The Road to Colhapper - Allan has a decision to make.
  5. Ey Up? - The engines are baffled by the latest newcomer.
  6. The Red Herring - Barry is suspicious of a new freight train.
  7. Mothership Reconnection - The engines try to find out Five's secret.
  8. Rollerskate Disco - The new Junction railway museum is opened to the public.
  9. What a Clarence! - A mainline diesel multiple unit is rude to the engines.
  10. The Man in Overalls - Dave starts talking to Mr. Smash's apprentice.


Characters introducedEdit

Voice ActorsEdit


  • Stuart Steel as Five
  • Anthony Sims as Barry and the mysterious men
  • Gwion Rhys Davies as Mr. Chairman


  • David Seward as Caracus Smash's guard
  • Freddie Veiga-Pires as Caracus Smash's driver
  • Glenn Streeter as Caracus Smash's fireman
  • Callum Hancock as Clarence


  • This is the first season to include a regular voice cast rather than guest stars.
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