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Thomas Dibden


Thomas Dibden


Thomas Dibden
Rhys Davies
Andy Stovold
Gwion Rhys Davies
Julian Davis
Anthony Sims
James Ellison
Callum Hancock
Jack Marshall
Robert Kenneth Jones
Oliver Pocock

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Thomas Dibden
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Series 6 of The Dark Railway Series began airing in 2016. The series had eight episodes, followed by a tie-in Halloween and Christmas special.

Episodes Edit

  1. Ouverture - The engines are brought up to speed with developments on the railway.
  2. Trepid - The engines are examined by the line's new engineer.
  3. Fustercluck - Allan and Ryan decide to explore the railway to see what has changed.
  4. Ed, Ed and Eddie - The opening steam gala commences, but tensions are high between Ed and Eddie.
  5. Plunk 'n Bang - The engines are being repainted, with mixed reactions.
  6. Asphalt Assault - A bus reveals how he can help the railway out.
  7. Burnin' - An old face is brought in to cover for Turbo.
  8. The Purple Man - Repulse is watched by a mysterious man.
  9. The Prime Time of your Life - Repulse's strange behaviour reaches a devastating climax.
  10. Apply Overnight - Repulse faces a brighter future, but it comes at a price.

Characters Edit

Characters introduced Edit

Guest Actors Edit

  • Andy Stovold as King Edward and Stan
  • Gwion Rhys Davies as Ed's driver
  • Rhys Davies as Rupert and Howard's driver
  • Julian Davis as Colin's driver
  • Anthony Sims as Colin's fireman
  • James Ellison as Larry
  • Callum Hancock as Clyde
  • Jack Marshall as the inspector
  • Robert Kenneth Jones as the signalman
  • Oliver Pocock as the Purple Man

Trivia Edit

  • This series is set in 1969.
  • This is the first season to contain only eight episodes during the main run, but will include ten in total, if the Halloween Special and the Christmas Special are included.
  • This is the first season to not introduce any "main" characters, as most of them are either visitors or secondary characters.
  • This is the first season to feature the permanent departures of regular characters in the series.
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