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Thomas Dibden
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Series 5 of The Dark Railway Series was released in 2015. The series had ten episodes.

Episodes Edit

  1. What a Catch! - Allan learns about the importance of catch points.
  2. Abomination - Mr. Dark purchases a new tank engine, who helps the engines out with a problem.
  3. Signal Lost - Abomination learns how difficult pulling a train really is.
  4. Haunted Hannah - The new arrival starts experiencing some unusual events.
  5. Ed and Sid - The runaway pair are purchased by Mr. Dark and reveal the story behind their escape.
  6. Claim to Fame - A visiting engine gets into an argument with the engines about his celebrity status.
  7. Repulse - As more problems arise on the railway, another engine is brought to the line.
  8. Make Love - Dave and Hannah open up their feelings to each other, leaving Repulse jealous.
  9. Time Waits for No One - The truth behind Repulse is revealed, leading to disastrous consequences.
  10. Time Waits for No One, Part 2 - The events after the discovery of the truth take a sudden turn.

Characters Edit

Characters introduced Edit

Guest Actors Edit

  • David Seward as Allan's driver
  • James Littlewood as Oliver Cromwell

Trivia Edit

  • This series is set in 1968.
  • This is the first series that has been completed before a Train Simulator update.
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