Series 4

Thomas Dibden


Thomas Dibden


Thomas Dibden
Andy Stovold
Matthew Edmondson
Bruce Astill
Kieron Rigby
Victoria Broskie

Music by

Thomas Dibden

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Series 4 of The Dark Railway Series was released in 2013. The series consisted of ten episodes.

Episodes Edit

  1. Traction Reaction - Dave meets a diesel due for early withdrawal just before hauling a special train.
  2. Cammer, Colin and Cows - Cammer's old fear catches up with him.
  3. Owen's Woes - Owen is transferred to Soma as the twins are sent for overhaul.
  4. Tender Tantrum - Eustace tries to get out of hauling a goods train.
  5. The Big Bad Wolf - Some bad news from British Railways results in a new express being created.
  6. Turbo - Mr. Dark finds a new diesel to assist Raymond.
  7. Allan Does Galen - Allan is promoted to station pilot at Galen Junction.
  8. Trucks - Eustace is punished for his attitude towards goods trains.
  9. Instant Crush - Eddie's last surviving sister comes to visit.
  10. Pogo Rides Again - Dave has a run in with the ghost from an old story.

Characters Edit

Characters introduced Edit

Guest Actors Edit

  • Andy Stovold as the EMU and the Class 33
  • Matthew Edmondson as Paul
  • Bruce Astill as Mirrlees
  • Kieron Rigby as the Class 37
  • Victoria Broskie as Ellie

Trivia Edit

  • This series is set in 1967.
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