Series 3

Thomas Dibden


Thomas Dibden


Thomas Dibden
James Littlewood
Rhys Davies
Nick Gagliardi
Anthony Sims
Aaron Wilkinson

Music by

Thomas Dibden

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Series 3 of The Dark Railway Series was released in 2012. The series consisted of ten episodes.

Episodes Edit

  1. The Return of Sir Eustace Missenden - The railway's New Years Eve party has a few unexpected surprises.
  2. Like a Sir - Colin and Eddie try to pull a train in Eustace's place.
  3. 257 Squadron - Eustace spots a mysterious engine coming onto the line.
  4. Tender Moments of Tender Engines - Eustace becomes jealous of 257 Squadron.
  5. BR Blues - The diesels are being repainted, and Allan uses it to his advantage.
  6. Football Shortfalls - A football special is faced with numerous problems.
  7. Poor Leno - Colin and Eddie bring an old worn out engine to the railway.
  8. Super 8 - The diesel shunters are sent to take part in a film.
  9. Who Goes There? - The engines start disappearing just before Dave's return.
  10. Revenge of the Forgotten - Leanne has returned for revenge.

Characters Edit

Characters introduced Edit

Guest Actors Edit

  • Nick Gagliardi as the Works Diesel
  • James Littlewood as Bob the Invisible Pink Sailor and Mr. Littlewood
  • Rhys Davies as Mr. Davies
  • Anthony Sims as Mr. Sims
  • Aaron Wilkinson as the Director

Trivia Edit

  • This series is set between 1963 and 1965.
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