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Thomas Dibden


Thomas Dibden


Thomas Dibden
Rhys Davies

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Thomas Dibden

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Series 2 of The Dark Railway Series was released in 2011. The series consisted of ten episodes.

Episodes Edit

  1. Dave's Reward - Dave is sent to be repainted, but doesn't return in the livery he wanted.
  2. Dave and Dai - A visting engine is teased by the other engines due to his age.
  3. Colin and the Coaches - A new tank engine gets into trouble on his first passenger train.
  4. Tenders - Dai severely damages his tender, and has to use a rather embarassing replacement.
  5. Allan - The new diesel shunter thinks he is the best shunter in the world, but soon learns otherwise.
  6. Hide and Seek - The engines decide to play a game on a very boring day.
  7. Goodbye, Dai - Dai's time on the railway comes to an end.
  8. Eddie and Maxen - A pair of new engines arrive, but one quickly starts a rivalry with Dave and Colin.
  9. Some Kind of Fuel - Eddie tells the other engines about a bad experience with drugs.
  10. Taking Out the Trash - Maxen goes too far, and the engines plot to get rid of him.

Characters Edit

Characters introduced Edit

Guest ActorsEdit

  • Rhys Davies as Dai and the Standard 9F

Trivia Edit

  • This is the only series to have episodes filmed in the TSX mode of Train Simulator 2012.
  • This series is set between 1961 and 1962.
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