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Series 10

Thomas Dibden


Thomas Dibden


Thomas Dibden
Anthony Sims
Reilly Cornwall
Callum Hancock
Christian Rasmussen
Andy Stovold
Gwion Rhys Davies
Freddie Veiga-Pires
Rhys Davies
Ben Booth
Oliver Pocock

Music by

Thomas Dibden
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Preceded by

Series 9

Series 10 of The Dark Railway Series began airing in 2021. The series had ten episodes.


  1. 101 - Clyde's new life gets off to a rocky start.
  2. Welcome to the Tunnel - Goose helps with the first major hurdle of the new extension.
  3. Body Angels - Various engines try to help out their colleagues.
  4. Tunnel Vision - Progress is being made on the new extension but not everything is going to plan.
  5. The Road to Bellgrave - Dave's fear of the tunnel puts Bellgrave's reopening at risk.
  6. Coaled Weight - A coal crisis leads to problems among the fleet.
  7. Dirty Colossus - Colossus returns to steam, drawing the ire of Clyde.
  8. Quack Attack - Goose is pressured to recruit Eddie for the DRPS.
  9. Buckin' Hell - Two visiting engines complete their running-in trials on the DR.
  10. Barry the Steam Engine - The Dark Railway plays host to some old friends.


Characters introduced[]

  • Mr. Richardson
  • Lord Dexby (does not speak)
  • Mr. Stard (does not speak)

Voice Actors[]


  • Thomas Dibden as the Narrator and Main Cast
  • Anthony Sims as Barry, Buzz and a DRPS Volunteer
  • Reilly Cornwall as Goose
  • Christian Rasmussen as Mr. B and Buck
  • Callum Hancock as Clyde and Warrior
  • Andy Stovold as Andy, Stan, Hannah's fireman and Barry's fireman
  • Gwion Rhys Davies as Mr. Chairman


  • Freddie Veiga-Pires as a BR Man
  • Rhys Davies as Gary, Mr. Richardson and Hannah's driver
  • Ben Booth as Hammond
  • Oliver Pocock as Barry's driver


  • This season was produced during the 10th anniversary of Dark DJ Productions. As a result, a number of presentation changes were applied to this season:
    • The opening credits use a different opening theme: "101" by Dark DJ. "9" is still used for the closing credits.
    • The opening credits text and DDJP watermark are written in gold as opposed to the standard DDJP green.
  • This season is confirmed to take place between 1976 and 1978.
  • This is the first season to not introduce any permanent engines to the Dark Railway fleet.