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Thomas Dibden


Thomas Dibden


Thomas Dibden
Daniel Talbot

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Thomas Dibden

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Series 1 of The Dark Railway Series aired in 2011. The series consisted of ten episodes.


  1. Pilots - Raymond and Sir Eustace have to pull a managers special together.
  2. The Party - Theo and Otto invite the other engines to a party at Merecombe.
  3. The Shunter's Gamble - Owen and Ryan pull a passenger train for the first time.
  4. Will and Won't - Owen and Ryan are left in charge, and Owen goes mad with power.
  5. Dave's Dating Tips - Dave offers other engines advice on getting partners.
  6. Something's In the Air - Dave's new girlfriend, Leanne, arrives on the railway.
  7. The Beauty Overheard - Raymond overhears the truth about Leanne.
  8. The Betrayal - Brian and Raymond set out to rescue Dave from Leanne.
  9. The Road to Radstock - Dave, Brian and Raymond are sent by the twins to collect some mysterious goods.
  10. Sir Eustace's Secret - Sir Eustace makes a decision on his future.

Characters Edit

Guest ActorsEdit

  • Daniel Talbot as Dan

Trivia Edit

  • This was the only series to be filmed in Railworks 2: Train Simulator.
  • This series is set in 1960.
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