Andrew Mckenzie
  • Occupation: Manager of the Settle and Carlisle Railway
  • Voice Actor: Andrew Cabral

Andrew Cabral Mckenzie was the manager of the Settle and Carlisle Railway.

Bio Edit

By 1953, Andrew Mckenzie was working on the Settle and Carlisle Railway as the line's manager. During this year, he encountered an engine named Rupert and asked him to double head an express to Leeds with Flying Scotsman, who he had to force to cooperate. The following day, he was very surprised to come across a diesel locomotive, Raymond, as he had never seen something like it before. He asked the "experimental prototype" to haul a passenger train for him, and he agreed to provide him wth some fusible plugs in return, though he was confused about this. He got Vincent to collect the plugs before ordering him onto another service, despite Vincent's claims of needing a rest.

It is unknown if Mr. Mckenzie has since retired from his position as manager.

Attire Edit

Mr. Mckenzie has brown hair. He wears a brown suit with a white shirt and dark blue tie.

Appearances Edit

The Dark Railway Series Edit


Trivia Edit

  • Mr. Mckenzie's full name is not mentioned in the film or in the credits, but is mentioned on Dark DJ's official website.
  • Mr. Mckenzie is named after his voice actor, Andrew Cabral.
  • Mr. Mckenzie was one of the characters in Event Horizon whose voice actor was chosen through public auditions.
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