"Chairman's Custard Creams... they're tasty!"
— Mr Chairman
Mr Chairman
Mr Chairman
  • Occupation: Chairman of the DRPS (1968-present)
  • Voice Actor: Gwion Rhys Davies

Mr Chairman is the current chairman of the Dark Railway Preservation Society.


Not much is known about Mr Chairman's past. Indeed, he is a very mysterious man who keeps himself to himself for the most part. The most that is known about him (according to the engines and DRPS volunteers) is that he has a strange fondness for custard creams, so much, in fact, that he owns his own custard cream manufacturing facility.

Despite this, he is an excellent leader, and has been in charge of the DRPS for several years without incident. His calm outlook on situations often reassures his fellow volunteers, Mr Dark, and the engines.


Mr Chairman is rather calm and has demonstrated that he is a capable and caring man. He also loves Custard Creams, and will resort to any measures to protect his supply of them.


Mr Chairman has dark hair and brown eyes, and often wears a grey business suit.


The Dark Railway SeriesEdit



  • By proxy, he is technically the overall owner of Five, Mr. B and Andy.
  • He is also the owner of the Chairman's Custard Creams company.