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Merecombe Shed
  • Location: City of Merecombe, Kent.
  • Operator: Dark Railway
  • Constructed: 1893
  • Shed Code: 77C
  • Status: Open

Merecombe Shed is the northern Motive Power Depot (MPD) of the Dark Railway. It is located to the east of Merecombe Station.

Layout and FacilitiesEdit

The current Merecombe Shed has 9 roads for locomotive storage and disposal. General maintenance can be completed at this shed, such as cleaning and ash removal. If more extensive work is required, locomotives are required to visit Caracus Smash Ltd.

Adjacent to the sheds is a 5 road carriage storage shed, with one small wagon storage siding nearby. To the west of the site, nearer the mainline, is the locomotive fuelling depot.

Accidents and IncidentsEdit

  • In 1964, LMS 3F "Jinty" No. 47407 (Colin) derailed on the points coming out of the fuelling depot and blocked access in and out of the yard for almost an entire day.


The Dark Railway SeriesEdit

Merecombe Shed appears in every episode except for the following:




  • These are the main locomotive sheds on the line.
  • Almost every meeting between the engines and Mr Dark occurs at the sheds.
  • The shed's official shedcode, "77C", is completely fictional, as the last Southern Region shedcode listed with BR was "75G".
  • Almost every engine on the line with customizable shedcode plates has 77C as their shedcode.
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