King Edward V
  • Number: 6016
  • Class: GWR 6000 King Class
  • Designer: Charles Collett
  • Build date: 1928
  • Configuration: 4-6-0
  • Voice Actor: Andy Stovold

King Edward V (also known as "Ed") is a large express engine who once visited the Dark Railway.

Bio Edit

King Edward V was built on June 30th, 1928 at Swindon Works. Not much is known about his early years, except that he worked on the Great Western Railway. At some point following nationalisation, he was purchased by Lord Montague Stovell and moved to the Stovell Valley Railway.

In 1969, Ed and his friend Stan visited the Dark Railway for the railway's opening steam gala. He was particularly elated to learn that Sir Eustace Missenden was on the line, and they spent a great deal of time fawning over each other due to their apparent statuses. He was not very well recieved during his stay, unlike Stan, and when he and Stan returned home, he did not recieve a particularly good send off except from Eustace, with even Hannah admitting she found him irritating.


Although Ed comes across as rather pompous, he is eager to get along with others. However. his attitude can come across as unappealing, as was the case when he visited the DR.

Livery Edit

King Edward V is currently painted in British Railways lined green with the late crest.

Basis Edit

King Edward V is based on a Great Western Railway 6000 King Class 4-6-0.

Appearances Edit

The Dark Railway Series Edit


Trivia Edit

  • Ed is a character from the Steaming Westwards Productions series, The Stovell Valley Railway Series.
  • In his appearance in The Dark Railway Series, Ed is paired with a Hawksworth style tender, which the Kings never ran with in real life. This is due to carry over into Ed's appearance in The Stovell Valley Railway Series.
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