Hunter the Shunter
  • Designer: Andrew Barclay
  • Configuration: 0-4-0ST
  • Voice Actor: Stephen Hunter

Hunter is a small saddle tank engine who often hunts objects for others.


It is unknown when Hunter was built, but it is known that he was built at Andrew Barclay's workshops. In his early years, Hunter worked alongside a brother, but one day they were shunting a train of explosives and munitions when they accidentally detonated them. Both were blown to pieces and Hunter lost an eye in the blast. Hunter was repaired, but his brother was used to provide replacement parts. 

Hunter became a scavenger, often being hired by other engines to find objects for them. In 1953, he ended up on the Settle and Carlisle Railway where he met a pair of tank engines named Theo and Otto who were looking for a number of items, including neurotoxin, crystal and gunpowder, for their time machine. He acquired the items from a yard in exchange for vodka, but he took them from a pair of loan sharks named Victor and Ludo. Hunter had borrowed from these two before but had never paid them back, so the loan sharks took things into their own hands. Following the trio, they knocked Theo out and captured Otto and Hunter, revealing that they intended to melt them down into teaspoons to sell to the British public. Fortunately, Theo found help and the two were rescued, while the loan sharks were transported away in the now completed time machine. As the twins and their friends were returning to the future, Hunter asked if he could come with them, but the twins declined and left him behind. 

It is unknown what became of Hunter after this, though it can be presumed he got into numerous other misadventures.


Hunter is a reliable engine in terms of obtaining things, but his gambling and borrowing can cause problems for him.


Hunter is painted blue with white lining and red coupling and connecting rods.


Hunter is based on an Andrew Barclay 0-4-0ST. In particular, he is based on No. 1719 Lady Nan, which is now preserved on the East Somerset Railway.


The Dark Railway SeriesEdit



  • Hunter is named after his voice actor, Stephen Hunter.
  • Hunter was originally going to star in his own spin-off series, Hunter the Shunter, and the first episode, featuring Hunter meeting up with a prostitute, was created. However, poor reception towards the episode led to the series and character being dropped. 
  • When depicted with a face by Dark DJ, Hunter has an eyepatch owing to his missing eye.
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