Hinderton Hall
  • Number: 5900
  • Class: GWR 4900 Hall Class
  • Designer: Charles Collett
  • Build date: 1931
  • Configuration: 4-6-0

Hinderton Hall is a large mixed traffic engine.

Bio Edit

Hinderton Hall was built in 1931 at Swindon Works. He worked in the West Country for most of his life, and in 1946 was pulling trains to Truro. On one occasion, he arrived at the station 20 minutes late and was complaining as he did so. Suddenly, the antics of the engine taking over his train, Eddie, distracted him. Hinderton Hall realised that Eddie had been taking drugs (unaware that Eddie had been forced to), and told him that he ought to report him before heading to the sheds.

Persona Edit

Hinderton Hall is an irritable engine.

Livery Edit

In 1946, Hinderton Hall was painted in Great Western Railway green. After nationalisation, it can be assumed that he wore either British Railways black or green.

Basis Edit

Hinderton Hall is based on a GWR 4900 Hall Class 4-6-0. Hannah and Alfred are also members of this class. The real No. 5900 Hinderton Hall has been preserved and is currently on display at the Didcot Railway Centre.

Appearances Edit

The Dark Railway Series Edit


Trivia Edit

  • Hinderton Hall also appeared as an antagonist in the fourth episode of the Steaming Westwards Productions series, The Stovell Valley Railway Series. In that series, the character is portrayed as a Great Western supremacist who is mentioned to have started a cultural society with Maxen. The engine was also used as the basis for the character Robert in the Problem Productions series Changing Times.
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