Haunted Hannah

Thomas Dibden


Thomas Dibden


Thomas Dibden


Thomas Dibden

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July 23rd, 2015

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Haunted Hannah is the fourth episode of the fifth series of The Dark Railway Series.


Dave is feeling overworked, so Mr. Dark reveals that he has purchased another mixed traffic engine to help him out. The engines are surprised to discover that the newcomer is a Great Western Hall class named Hannah. Hannah quickly settles in on the Dark Railway, and handles her work well, despite being older than Dave. 

One day, Hannah overhears Dave talking to Raymond about his encounter with Pogo from the previous year and about the warning he gave him. She scoffs at the idea of a ghost being real, claiming that Dave is delusional. The following evening, Hannah is told by Abomination that she will have to arrange her own train, as he is needed elsewhere (in other words, he is going to watch a football match with the others), but arrives at the Industrial Estate to find that her train is already assembled. When she arrives at the sheds the next morning, Abomination assures her that he didn't arrange the train. Dave jokes about a ghost doing it, offending her.

That night, Hannah is taking a goods train from the Industrial Estate when she stalls on the Gasworks Tunnel Incline. As she waits to build up her boiler pressure, she suddenly hears someone approaching from behind. Knowing that noone should be there, she runs up the hill to Manston Fore and back to the sheds, screaming about ghosts. This results in Dave throwing accusations at her about being the danger Pogo warned him about and that she is a spy sent by Leanne. Abomination arrives at the shed and reveals that he knows what has been happening.

He leads Dave and Hannah back to the Industrial Estate and calls out into the mist. Two engines emerge in response, and Dave recognises them as Ed and Sid. The pair reveal that British Railways withdrew them years ago and that they have been on the run ever since. They beg Dave not to tell Mr. Dark about them, or else they'll either be sent away or made to work. Dave and Hannah both agree to keep it secret for now, unaware that on the other side of the Estate, a ghostly figure is watching them...




  • The events of Pogo Rides Again are referenced.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of Hannah and the first appearances of Ed and Sid in a TDRS episode.


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