• Number: 92116
  • Class: BR Standard Class 9F
  • Designer: Robert Riddles
  • Build date: 1956
  • Configuration: 2-10-0
  • Voice Actor: Rhys Davies

Gary is a large heavy goods locomotive.

Bio Edit

Gary was built on December 31st, 1956 at Crewe Works. At some point in his life, he was transferred to Newport shed, where he met engines such as Freddie and Flying Scotsman, while getting into several misadventures of his own.

Bio in Gary the Steam EngineEdit

Gary once sent Freddie off looking for a clitoris to get him away from himself, only to end up having to save Freddie after he ended up in Barry Scrapyard looking for one.

Bio in The Dark Railway SeriesEdit

In 1962, due to a contract that Freddie had created, Gary, Freddie, and Flying Scotsman came to visit the Dark Railway. Whilst they were there, Gary helped to collect the railway's Christmas presents with Dave, only for them to stop at a pub on the way home and leave the presents behind. Gary was shocked to see his enemy, Gold-Buffer, come into the yard with the presents, though the diesel assured him that he wouldn't kill him that day. Shortly afterwards, Gary and the Newport visitors returned home.

Persona Edit

Gary is a laid back and easy going engine, but is very foul mouthed and, when pushed, can show great potential. He is very caring of his best friend, Freddie, whom he likes to keep an eye on and sometimes abuse when the situation calls for it.

Livery Edit

Gary is painted in British Railways unlined black with the late crest.

Basis Edit

Gary is based on the British Railways Standard Class 9F 2-10-0.

Appearances Edit

Gary the Steam EngineEdit


The Dark Railway Series Edit




Trivia Edit

  • Gary was the main character of the Angry Welshman Productions series Gary the Steam Engine. After Rhys Davies announced that the series would not be returning to AWP as was originally planned, Dark DJ announced in 2016 that Gary the Steam Engine would now be produced by Dark DJ Productions and would be returning to YouTube in 2017. Rhys Davies reprised the role of Gary for the only episode produced for the reboot.
  • In Event Horizon, Flying Scotsman mentions Gary during the period set in 1953, even though Gary wasn't built until 3 years later.
  • When depicted with a face by Dark DJ, Gary has a black goatee with a few grey hairs.
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