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May 11th, 2017

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Futura is the first episode of the seventh series of The Dark Railway Series.


Morale among the engines on the Dark Railway is low following the events of the previous year. Mr. Dark brings in some visitors and has some of the engines repainted to try and cheer them up, but it doesn't work and the engines remain miserable. Meanwhile, a new group of volunteers, known as the "Dark Railway Preservation Society", have started helping out around the line, much to Mr. Dark's delight.

One day, the engines are discussing the visitors and events at the sheds, when Mr. Dark arrives, reminding them that they are all still here carrying the torch for their lost friends. He reveals that he has found a solution to the line's locomotive shortage, as two new engines are coming to the railway: the DRPS' own small tank engine, and Mr. Smash's Britannia Pacific, No. 70047. The big engines are particularly delighted with this news, as they now have another big engine helping them again. Mr. Dark continues his announcements by revealing that British Rail have decided to abandon the connection between Galen Junction and Colhapper. As the engines look concerned, however, Mr. Dark reveals that he has purchased the land and line between the two stations, meaning that the Dark Railway can finally start running trains to Colhapper. The engines are even more delighted with this, but are told that there will be a lot of work to do to bring the line up to passenger running standards.

Mr. Dark concludes by explaining that passenger services will be only run between Walschurch and Merecombe for a few months while Axley and Galen Junction are rebuilt again to cope with the predicted increase in traffic. The engines all promise to do their bit to help, agreeing that keeping busy will help take their minds off the past. They all head out to work, excited that things are finally looking up for the railway at last.