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June 17th, 2016

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Ed, Ed and Eddie

Fustercluck is the third episode of the sixth series of The Dark Railway Series.

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The engines are finally brought out of the shed into the sunlight once again. They all share their gratitude as they are fired up and started up, but Ed doesn't feel too good and gets defensive when Sid mentions his boiler troubles. Meanwhile, Turbo causes great alarm when he is started up and covers the other engines in clag, choking them, though he himself isn't too bothered.

While this is going on, Ryan and Allan decide to go exploring. They first make their way to Merecombe, where Ryan is shocked to discover that a goods yard has been set up next to the station while one platform has been removed. Ryan is initially upset, but Allan quickly makes him see the positive aspects of the change. Proceeding down the line, they discover that the goods branch has indeed been ripped up, much to Allan's dismay. They find little else has changed until they reach Galen Junction, where they find that the station is in a very delapidated state, overgrown with weeds and with little track left on the mainline platforms. Allan is once again distressed, but Ryan reassures him that there will still be work for him to do. Finally, they proceed up to Soma, which is in an even worse state than the junction. Allan decides to mess around with the slate chute despite Ryan's warnings, and gets covered in slate dust as a result.

That evening, everyone is in steam or started up as the shunters return to the shed. They all laugh at Allan, except for the twins, and Ryan shares their findings with them all. Mr. Dark and Mr. Smash soon arrive to inform them that the gala visitors shall be arriving the next day, and when they notice Allan covered in dust, Mr. Dark decides to punish him for messing around by sending him to Soma to help with the clean up operations. Allan grumbles to anyone who will listen until everyone finally drifts off to sleep.

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  • The title is a reference to the song of the same name by Deadmau5.

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