• Number: 3205
  • Class: GWR 2251 Class
  • Designer: Charles Collett
  • Build date: 1946
  • Configuration: 0-6-0
  • Voice Actor: Victoria Broskie

Ellie is a small goods engine who once visited the Dark Railway.

Bio Edit

Ellie was built in 1946 at Swindon Works. During her working life, she sometimes worked alongside her older brother, Eddie, though they were separated in the 1950's. Ellie was withdrawn from service in 1965 and was purchased by the 2251 Fund. She was the only member of her class to be officially preserved. Initially brought to the Dart Valley Railway, she was being prepared to move to the Severn Valley Railway when she recieved an invitation from Mr. Dark.

As Eddie was feeling depressed about being alone in preservation, Ellie was brought to the Dark Railway for a few weeks. The pair enjoyed seeing each other again, but when Ellie met Eddie's best friend, Colin, they immediately felt a spark of attraction. Over time, she became bored of Eddie's stories about himself but fascinated by Colin's. One night, while her brother was away, she and Colin admitted that they liked each other and started a secret relationship. When Eddie found out that they had been sleeping together, he was angry, though Ellie firmly stated that she could sleep with whoever she liked. Eddie stormed away, leaving the pair to make further plans. She chose to continue on to the Severn Valley Railway, and Colin was given permission to go with her. When Eddie learned about this, he caught them just before they left and apologised for his behaviour before revealing that Mr. Dark had placed both him and Colin on loan to the SVR. Delighted to be staying together, the trio departed to start a new adventure.

In 1969, Ellie and Colin split up, with Ellie moving to Devon and Colin and Eddie returning to the DR.

Persona Edit

Ellie is a nice engine, but is willing to stand up for herself if anyone opposes her wants.

Livery Edit

Ellie is currently painted in unlined Great Western Railway green livery. When she was in BR service, it could be assumed that she wore British Railways unlined black.

Basis Edit

Ellie is based on a GWR 2251 Class 0-6-0. Eddie is another member of this class. In real life, No. 3205 is the sole surviving member of this class and is currently operational at the South Devon Railway.

Appearances Edit

The Dark Railway Series Edit


Trivia Edit

  • Ellie is the first character in the series to be voiced by a female voice actor.
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