"Help me you disgusting little...
What's the magic word?
The magic word.
Uh, please?
Nope! It was Pineapple.
— Colin and Maxen
Eddie and Maxen

Thomas Dibden


Thomas Dibden


Thomas Dibden


Thomas Dibden

Air date

November 13th, 2011

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Goodbye, Dai

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Eddie and Maxen is the eighth episode of the second series of The Dark Railway Series.

Plot Edit

Dai's departure from the railway leaves the engines feeling depressed. Over time, coal traffic eventually decreases, but standard goods trains become more frequent. With few engines available to pull them, British Railways agree to send some engines to help. One day, Dave, Brian, and Colin are at the Junction debating what the new arrival might be when a whistle rouses them from their conversation. They look up and are suprised to see two Great Western engines coming towards them.

One of the pair eyes the engines suspiciously, but the other one is more friendly, introducing himself as Eddie and the other as Maxen. Dave questions the latters name, and Maxen quickly jumps on the defensive. The conversation quickly turns to their respective companies, with Dave, Colin, and Maxen throwing rude remarks about the LMS and GWR at each other and talking about the failings of their companies. The yard manager arrives before it turns particularly nasty, ordering Maxen and Colin to the Industrial Estate. Once they are gone, Brian and Eddie settle down in the shed together. Brian is confused about what has just happened, so Eddie explains that engines like Dave and Maxen are still fiercely protective of their old companies, but that they should work together instead of arguing. Brian agrees and the two quickly begin to bond.

Meanwhile, at the Industrial Estate, Maxen has somehow blown his cylinder, resulting in Colin laughing at him. Maxen is left out of traffic for several weeks, and the situation between him and the Midland engines worsens. Eddie stays out of it, wondering if it was such a good idea to come to the Dark Railway with Maxen after all.

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Trivia Edit

  • This episode marks the first appearance of Eddie.
  • Dave, Colin and Maxen mention various experiments that the LMS and GWR carried out before nationalisation, such as the Fury, the Garratts, and The Great Bear.

Goofs Edit

  • In the final scene, Colin's number is 47370.

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