• Number: D326, later TOPS 40126
  • Class: BR Class 40
  • Designer: English Electric
  • Build date: 1959
  • Configuration: 1Co-Co1
  • Voice Actor: Daniel Talbot

Daniel, better known as Dan, was a large diesel engine who worked at Parry Scrapyard.

Bio Edit

Dan was built in 1959 at Swindon Works. He was quickly assigned to work in a scrapyard in Wales, and towards the end of the year he learned about Leanne, a runaway Jubilee who had a large reward offered for her capture. One day, Leanne came into the yard in need of fuel, and Dan spotted her.

Leanne used her charms to persuade Dan to allow her to find someone to take her place. He secretly followed her as she found a suitable engine, Dave, and headed to his home on the Dark Railway. Eventually, he confronted her at Galen Junction, warning her to bring Dave to him the following day, or she would take his place. The pair were unaware that they were spotted by Raymond, and when Leanne brought Dave to Dan the following day, he and Brian managed to follow them there, rescuing Dave before Dan could catch them. He then proceeded to take Leanne into the bowels of the scrapyard, where not even the authorities could find them.

A few years later, Dave and Gary were sent to collect the Dark Railway's Christmas presents from Dan's scrapyard. He was much warmer to Dave this time around, admitting that he didn't enjoy his job and would deliver supplies to ill children in his spare time. When Leanne was purchased for preservation, she tricked Dan into going into a large crushing machine which she activated, killing Dan.

Persona Edit

Dan can come across as very intimidating, which he uses to his advantage when he needs to, but he is secretly much warmer than he lets on.

Livery Edit

Dan is painted in British Railways green with small yellow warning panels. In his appearance in The Visitors, he had full yellow warning panels.

Basis Edit

Dan is based on a British Railways Class 40 1Co-Co1, also known as the "Whistlers". Turbo is also a member of this class.

Appearances Edit

The Dark Railway Series Edit



Trivia Edit

  • Dan is named after his voice actor, who is a close friend of Dark DJ.
  • Dan's number is the same as that of the Class 40 that was involved in the Great Train Robbery in 1963. This was the reason this number was chosen.
  • In most of his appearances, Dan has a "Centre" headcode box, but in The Visitors, he had a flat nose with disc indicators.
  • In The Betrayal, Dan's headcode box reads "EVIL", but in The Missing Christmas Presents, it reads "GOOD".
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