Thomas Dibden


Thomas Dibden


Thomas Dibden


Thomas Dibden

Guest starring

Anthony Sims as Barry

Air date

June 8th, 2018

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Colossus is the sixth episode of the eighth series of The Dark Railway Series.


Eddie remains alone at the back of the museum, and is still tormented by his subconcious who has taken on the form of Colin. "Colin" continues to tell Eddie that it's over for him and that he should just accept he is no longer cared about, and Eddie is starting to believe him.

One morning, Eddie wakes to find another engine talking to Otto and Turbo in at the front of the museum. As he listens, the new engine, Colossus, is telling the others about his past. Colossus reveals that he was left at the back of a scrapyard for many years watching engines in front of him be cut up, and that he was fortunately saved by Zeke Dark just as the scrapmen had finally reached him. Zeke enters the museum and reveals that Colossus will be in the museum for some time, as he will be a side project for Zeke to work on. When Zeke brings up Eddie, he expresses concern about Eddie being on his own and decides to make some arrangements.

Eddie's spirits are lifted at hearing this news, and he finally begins to stand up to "Colin's" negativity as Zeke approaches him. Zeke tells him that Colossus will be moved next to him so that he will finally have some company again. "Colin" tries to make out that Eddie will forget about him with someone else for company, but Eddie finally makes it clear that while he will never forget his best friend, it is time for him to move on. "Colin"'s demeanour suddenly changes, and he reveals that this was exactly what he wanted to hear from Eddie. Satisfied that Eddie has finally let it all out and is ready to move forward, "Colin" departs, finally giving Eddie the opportunity to say goodbye to his old friend.

That afternoon, Colossus is shunted next to Eddie as promised. The two start talking, and Colossus tells Eddie how he understands how Eddie is feeling, but that he should not let the past drag him down and instead look to the future. He then proceeds to ask about Colin, and Eddie begins telling him the story of how the two first met.




  • The events of Eddie and Maxen are referenced.
  • The credits tease the events of the following episode.


  • Colossus is said to be the only G2 to survive. There is actually another G2 that's part of the National Collection: 49395.


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