"If those ass-hat passengers are still out there...
There'll be no ass-hat passengers here today Andy.
Did you murder them?
— Mr Dark and Andy, Short Circuit
  • Number: D7070
  • Class: BR Class 35
  • Designer: Beyer, Peacock and Company
  • Build date: 1963
  • Configuration: Bo-Bo
  • Arrived on the DR: 1972
  • Voice Actor: Andy Stovold

Andy is a mainline diesel engine currently owned by the Dark Railway Preservation Society.


Andy was built in 1963 at Beyer, Peacock and Company's works in Manchester. He worked on the Western Region his whole life before being withdrawn in 1972 along with the rest of the diesel hydraulic fleet. He lay in Swindon's withdrawal sidings for seven months before he was purchased by Mr. Chairman for the DRPS and brought to the Dark Railway. He was put to use on general duties around the line, including working on the branch to Soma. This initially worried Leno, but he was soon assured there was nothing to fear. One day, Andy found himself being forced off his morning commuter train by a passenger complaining about being taken by a diesel, much to his anger. He and the other diesels faced more abuse from the passengers in the weeks that followed, and they eventually decided to go on strike. Eventually, the issues were resolved, allowing them to get back to work.


Andy is a generally friendly engine, but is extremely blunt and foul mouthed when speaking to others.


Andy is currently painted in British Railways two-tone green with small yellow warning panels.


Andy is based on a British Railways Class 35 Bo-Bo diesel hydraulic locomotive. These were also known as "Hymeks".


The Dark Railway SeriesEdit



  • Andy is named after his voice actor, Andy Stovold.
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