An Unconventional Visit

Anthony Sims


Thomas Dibden


Thomas Dibden
Anthony Sims


Thomas Dibden

Guest starring

Anthony Sims as 44826,
No. 5, and Fowler

Air date

June 8th, 2012

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An Unconventional Visit is a special crossover episode between The Dark Railway Series and The Fowler 4Fs.

Plot Edit

On a cold winter's day at Templecombe in 1955, 44826 excitedly tells No. 5 that his older brother, No. 45101, is coming to visit him. Soon, Dave arrives, and they try to start a conversation. However, Dave quickly questions the two engines' referencing him only by his number. As they talk, Fowler passes by with a train and yells at 44826 to get back to work, which he does with a start. Surprised by the 4F's treatment of his brother, Dave says goodbye to No. 5 and leaves the yard.

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Trivia Edit

  • This is the first Dark DJ production to be filmed by another producer.

Goofs Edit

  • Dave mentions his brother George Stephenson, even though said locomotive didn't carry this name until 1975, 20 years after this episode takes place.
  • 44826's number reads 44825.

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