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April 18th, 2015

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Abomination is the second episode of the fifth series of The Dark Railway Series.

Plot Edit

The doubling of the southern section of the Dark Railway and the rebuilding of Axley station have been completed, but problems are now arising at Merecombe Industrial Estate. One day, Sir Eustace confronts Dave at the sheds about the state the sidings keep being left in, but they are quickly interrupted by Mr. Dark, who reveals that he has already bought an engine to shunt at the Estate. He goes on to explain that this engine was the last built by Hunslet in 1964 and has been sat in their works ever since. He is briefly sent going off on a tangent at the mention of the phrase "cheap side", leading both engines to call him a nutjob.

The following week, the new tank engine arrives. His name is Abomination, and he quickly reveals he is very different to a normal Austerity, with a mechanical stoker and a Giesl ejector. The following morning, Abomination sets to work at the Industrial Estate, and quickly learns what to do. His work is greatly appreciated by the big engines, particularly Eustace, and soon the yard is once again tidy. Over the next few weeks, however, Abomination starts noticing that the big engines are struggling with the increasing workload, particularly up the Gasworks Tunnel Incline, and they often require his assistance.

On one particular occasion, Abomination is asked to assist Dave up the incline, but on the way up both engines find themselves in need of a blowup. They stop just outside the other end of the tunnel, and as they wait, Abomination notices the old Gasworks sidings. Merecombe Gasworks has recently closed, meaning that the sidings are no longer in use, and this gives the Austerity an idea. That night, he suggests to Mr. Dark that he take some of the trucks up at a time and arrange them in the Gasworks sidings, thus saving the big engines the climb up the Tunnel Incline. Mr. Dark thinks that this is a brilliant idea, as do the other engines. The plan is quickly put into action, and services start running smoothly once again.

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  • This episode marks the first appearance of Abomination and of Axley station in its current layout.

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