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Thomas Dibden

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July 24th, 2012

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257 Squadron is the third episode of the third series of The Dark Railway Series.

Plot Edit

One night, Sir Eustace is alone at the Junction following an argument. As he sleeps, he suddenly hears the sound of another engine, and it doesn't sound too familiar. An engine races through the station and onto the Dark Railway, disappearing towards Merecombe as he shouts after him. The following morning, he comes to Merecombe only to find no new engine, nor has anyone else seen it, though Eddie mentions that he did hear something moving around in the yard. For the rest of the day, Eustace wonders if he really did see an engine or if he is going mad.

That evening, Eddie is pulling a train up from the Industrial Estate, but as he passes the Gasworks, he suddenly spots an unfamiliar, boxy looking steam engine backing down into the sidings and when he returns later, it has gone. The next morning, Eddie alerts everyone of his sighting, and the engines split up to search for the mysterious engine. Eventually, Eustace tracks him down at the Industrial Estate, but is shocked to discover that the engine is none other than his older brother, 257 Squadron!

257 explains to Eustace that he worked on the Dark Railway in the 1950s, and now that British Railways want him withdrawn, he has fled back to it. He also admits that he didn't recognise Eustace due to his rebuilt shape and that he is familiar with Theo, Otto, and Ryan. Just then, Mr. Dark arrives, and is delighted to see 257. The Bulleid Pacific begs Mr. Dark to let him stay, and he quickly agrees. Eustace and 257 proceed to introduce him to the rest of the engines, laughing and chatting as they go.

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  • This episode marks the first appearance of 257 Squadron in the series.

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